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It’s like having glass insurance without the cost!

When you build your auto glass career as a Crackmasters dealer, your success is your own. We charge only a small monthly dealer fee, NOT a percentage of your sales, so you keep more of your money.

Establish your own hours. Work from your home, a shop, or establish a mobile service.

Restore Your Ride. Increase Its Value.

Chipmaster is capable of repairing annoying chips and scratches such as: key scratches, plastic bumpers and rust damage.

Our patented Chipmaster Paint Match Process can produce the best color match in the world, even on metallic and pearl paint jobs.

Give your customers’ vehicles a like-new finish!


Lyons Protective Coatings is…

Detail Masters offers a complete auto detailing package that includes all necessary equipment, an easy-to-follow, intensive training program.

The right products, the right equipment and the right price make this business opportunity an easy decision.

With our professional coating systems, you can provide your customers with decorative protection coatings, industrial coatings, high-performance coatings, and professional-grade do-it-yourself coating kits.

We offer the perfect coating solution for garages, commercial spaces, industrial spaces, and more.