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20V Ambush Cut-Out Tool

A heavy-duty 20-volt motor provides the power to quickly remove the most difficult glass and with the convenience of the battery, there is no need to worry about finding an electrical outlet or extension cords.


Clip Remover

Clip Removal Tool has a V-groove with sharpened tips so it will slip under the head of the clips


Door Upholstery Remover

Made of hardened steel with a polished finish, and is a rugged tool that will last a lifetime. Crafted with a large, comfortable handle.


Equalizer Hydro Blade

Equalizer™ Express® HydroBlades™ have a series of small dimples stamped on the side of the blade that rides against the urethane. These dimples are designed to carry cutting lubricant into the urethane that is being cut by the blade.


Express Sheath

There is only one size sheath and it fits all Equalizer® tools that utilize the Express® Blade line.


Installation Stick

Use Installation Sticks to manipulate the urethane and remove door panels. Installation sticks are also helpful when installing rubber gaskets, used to remove mouldings, lift the cowling, and tuck in headliners.


Large Daubers

Premium Quality Wool Daubers at an economical price. Made of a thick wool tuft that is held tightly in the centre with a strong wire and measuring 3/4” in diameter.